Now that we've created a lead-generating, customer-retaining, time-saving, money-increasing website, we need to make sure it stays online and in perfect shape! The best way to do that is with a Website Support package, which provides a safe and secure environment that is up 99.9% of the time.

Safe and Secure

No Downtime

Stress Free

Cancel Anytime

Why do I need Website Maintenance?

Basic Professional Most Popular! Premium
$97 Per month $315 Per month $528 Per month
Preventative Maintenance
Daily malware scanning, to catch naughty hackers right away
Daily File & Database Backups
So we can restore your site to health quickly
Site Uptime Monitoring
We check your website every five minutes to make sure its up and running smoothly
Performance Optimization
Make sure your website loads fast, so you don't lose visitors, includes Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Monthly Health & Analytics Reports
A health report outlining what has happened with your website over the last month
Video Tutorials & Training
Quick little tutorials for all the things you want to do in your Website
E-commcerce Updates
If your website has e-commerce you must choose a plan that includes this option, these updates require more testing and quality assurance
Private SHD Facebook Group
A support group for brainstorming and asking questions about websites, best practices, marketing and SEO
Monthly Strategy Call
To plan for you website, review what's working and what can be improved
  30 min 60 min
Support Level
We only support clients on our Website support and care plans
Email only
Phone and email
Phone and email
Support Time
For content updates, design updates, bug fixes (time does not rollover)
30 min
Overage billed at standard rate
60 min
Overage billed at reduced rate
120 min
Support time tailored to your needs
Website Checkup & Review
To make sure the site is technically compliant and up to standards, check for broken links
Yearly Quarterly Monthly

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What People Say

"What made me choose Smack Happy, in the end, was trust... I was referred to Smack Happy Design by a friend and it proved to be excellent. They have a great team, Nicole and Danielle have outstanding ideas and have a quick turn around time... Highly recommended." PJ O'Connell, Sierra Electric
"Nicole and her team have handled all the design and technical elements of our website ever since we started our business in 2010. They're proactive and always on top of any upgrades we need as the platforms evolve. We cannot ask for a more responsive team!" Ruthann H, Nuance Wines

Optional Add-ons

SEO Package

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Package is ideal for those who have a basic level of need, such as that of a small- or medium-sized business; however, for the most effective SEO, customized solutions are highly recommended.

One Time Set Up:

  1. Discovery Session
  2. Google Analytics Setup
  3. Conversion Tracking Setup
  4. Five Keyword Setup
  5. Google My Business Setup
  6. Baseline Metrics
  7. ROI Tracking Template
  8. SMART Goals Setup

Monthly Ongoing:

  1. Monthly Reporting
  2. Five Supporting Content Ideas
  3. Technical SEO Fixes
  4. In-Depth On-Page Audit
  5. Basic On-Page Optimization
+ $395 per month

Social Media Package

The Social Media Package is ideal for businesses that have a limited budget but want to take advantage of social media to promote their brand, product and services.

One Time Set Up:

  1. Discovery Session
  2. Social Media Audit
  3. Social Account Setup
    (Up to 4)
  4. ROI Tracking Template
  5. Content Calendar Template
  6. SMART Goals Setup
  7. Connect Analytics
  8. PR Announcement

Monthly Ongoing:

  1. Business Page Optimization
  2. Social Media Strategy
  3. Content Creation for Posts
  4. Twitter Follower Increase
    (In the first 14 days)
  5. Account Management
  6. Monthly Reporting
  7. Posting for 1 account
+ $495 per month

Blog Post Package

The Blog Post Package is ideal for those who have no time to write their own content, and want to remain consistent. Note that we also offer customized solutions and can create a monthly package that meets your specific content creation needs.

One Time Set Up:

  1. Discovery Session
  2. Content Calendar Template
  3. ROI Tracking Template
  4. One Optimized Press Release
    (Up to 600 words)

Monthly Ongoing:

  1. One Optimized Blog Post
    (Up to 600 words)
- OR -
  1. One Downloadable Resource
    (One page)
+ $325 per month

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You betcha! We love our clients and always want to maintain a healthy relationship. We would hate to lose you but we know that sometimes financial needs have to be adjusted. In the case that you do need to cancel, send us an email and we’ll stop your next payment right away.

No one knows your audience better than you do, so we will need your help. We’ll meet periodically to go over the plan for publishing content and/or SEO work. After we’ve established the goals and content strategies, we’ll send to you for approval. You can send us ideas throughout the month as well, things like news, articles you find interesting, videos and other content.

Yes, we specialize in WordPress sites, and we use WP Engine to host them. They provide excellent security, daily backups, critical updates, malware scanning, and more. In case of emergencies, you can contact them directly if you can’t reach us and they’ll provide fantastic support. Full details here.

Our support packages are set up like retainers, every month time slots are set aside for our Basic and Priority clients. When requests come in, they go into the queue and are taken care of. Time does not rollover due to resource limitations.

Email is usually the best form of communication because we can respond quickly, however, we know some clients prefer a phone call or video call. These strategy calls are only provided for the Professional and Premium plans. These sessions are intended to help form a path for growth and improvements to your website and online presence. Many clients use this time for screen-sharing to make small updates or training.

Although these plans have been set up for the sites we’ve built we are open to building a long term relationship with new clients in need of our TLC.

First we’ll want to do a website evaluation to get familiar with your website and how it was built so we can save it in a pinch. During the evaluation, we’ll run through our list and make suggestions for improvements in order to proceed with a monthly plan. Contact us for more details about getting an evaluation.

We test in all the latest major browsers, plus one version behind, unless you have specific audience requirements. This includes smart phones and tablets.

You’re hiring professional and pleasant people, with whom others simply love to work. You’re getting a business partner, one who truly cares about you and your customers.

We will lay the process out in front of you clearly. We’ll move along at your pace.

Depending on your graphics needs, you could get a logo, a website, print collateral, and social media items. Basically, everything you need for establishing your full brand identity. We’re a one-stop-shop, in a way.

In addition to the above, you’ll get clear communication… and you’ll likely witness a quirky sense of humor in all of its cheesy glory.

And here are your Client Bill of Rights.

The purpose of our support plans is to prevent such things from happening, so ideally this won’t be the case. However, software as a whole is imperfect and things do break, servers do go down. In that situation, we’ll be notified and investigate as soon as humanly possible. We can’t promise that you won’t get hacked, but we do everything we can to prevent that and will be ready to restore your site to an unhacked state and boot the nasty hackers.

We handle urgent matters as quickly as we can. Depending on how urgent your request is, you have options. You can send an email with the word “urgent” in the subject line. That gets our attention pretty fast. If email is not fast enough, then try texting. And if that still isn’t fast enough, then you should call. More details here.

If we host your website with WP Engine and you can’t get a hold of us, you can contact WP Engine directly.

If a task is likely to go over your monthly allotment we will let you know and get approval before proceeding. In these cases, the additional time will be billed at our current support rate.

Updating content and making small design changes are most common, however, anything that can fit into the monthly time slot is up for grabs. Just be aware that requests for new features are usually more time consuming and may require a formal quote, separate timeline, and additional investment.

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