New Monthly Workshops

Join us on the second Wednesday every month for a low key, informational workshop about WordPress. These workshops are geared toward helping small business owners who want to do more with their WordPress websites and online marketing.

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        Or get some one-on-one WordPress Coaching.

        Stay Informed


        Past Workshops

        Online Workshop: Website Best Practices, Make Your Website User Friendly

        March 28th, 2017

        During this workshop we’ll talk about:

        • What every website absolutely must have
        • Simple things that make your website easier to use for your customers
        • Where to go for inspiration
        • Time for Q and A, so bring your Qs!

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        Online Workshop: Adding and Editing Pages In WordPress

        January 18th, 2017

        During this workshop we’ll talk about:

        • How to edit an existing Page in WordPress
        • How to insert links, images, files and videos
        • How to add a new Page in WordPress, and add it to your Menu / navigation
        • Time for Q and A, so bring your Qs!

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        SEO Basics: For beginners, who use WordPress, a non-technical approach

        December 6th, 2016

        During this workshop we’ll talk about:

        • How to prepare for SEO and set goals
        • How to make your changes in WordPress
        • How to track your progress
        • Where to go for help

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        Use Your WordPress: A Workshop Covering the Basics

        October 18th, 2016

        During this workshop we’ll talk about:

        • How to make updates to Pages and Menus
        • How to create and schedule blog posts
        • The structure of WordPress: the difference between Pages and Posts
        • The structure of a website: headers, footers and navigation
        • And wrapping up with questions and answers

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