The Body Gallery

The Brief

Cassidy, the owner of The Body Gallery, came to us for help on a particular page on her site that wasn’t quite attracting the traffic she’d wanted. She wanted to attract more visitors to sign-up for The Vital 7™,  a personalized Pilates mat class.

She also was looking for more subscribers to her newsletter.

Our Approach

We applied up-to-date sales page techniques, designed to attract the eye to specific sections of the page—while keeping the flow and making it easy to read. Additionally, we added several calls to action buttons, collapsible FAQ and pricing content, and updated the copy itself with SEO techniques. All of the updates were crafted with her branding and messaging in mind.

Next, we added desktop-only pop-ups throughout the site to attract more folks to sign up for the newsletter. We also tweaked the email design a bit, to update the branding and give it a more natural flow.

The Result

After only one week, we saw extremely positive results to the new page. To name a few, pageviews went up by 45%, average time viewers spent on the page went up 39%, and the bounce rate went from 77% to 40%. From this effort, there have been sign-ups for the class as well.

Cassidy is also already seeing new subscribers as a result of the desktop pop-ups, and hearing rave reviews from her clients about the email update.

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