branding that lasts

Branding Your Business: Make an Impression that Lasts

By Diane Pauley | January 24, 2021

Branding isn’t one size fits all. Every business has a specific voice, tone, and style that should be represented in its branding. With the right branding, a company can distinguish itself, stand out, and make a long-lasting impression – even…

Creative Thinking Can Propel Us Forward

How Practicing Creative Thinking Can Propel Us Forward

By Danielle Iera | January 17, 2021

Yes, you are and can be creative. My mother always said, “I am not creative. I can’t even draw a stick figure…” and each time, it sounded more and more like she had stated a simple fact about herself. However,…

Creative Thinking 3 ways

3 Ways to Practice Clever and Creative Thinking

By Danielle Iera | January 17, 2021

Back to Basics: 3 Ways to Practice Clever and Creative Thinking If we want to support our customers, family, friends, colleagues, or anyone with any issue – actively listening has and will always help us find the solutions we need…

shd timeline

Inside Look: How Smack Happy Came to Be

By Diane Pauley | January 3, 2021

One Woman’s Entrepreneurial Journey: An inside look at how Smack Happy came to be. The start of any business is unique. Behind every business is someone who decided to take the leap to start something new. And for Smack Happy,…

keep clients smack happy

How to Keep Clients Smack Happy

By Diane Pauley | October 27, 2020

Ah, relationships. We can’t live without them, and we certainly can’t live without them in business. Relationships are the cornerstone of any good business.  And to have long-lasting client relationships, you have to put in the work as a business…

orly - Scams Targeting Website Owners

Quick Tips to Identify the Latest Scams Targeting Website Owners

By Danielle Iera | October 18, 2020

Updated Monday, June 21, 2021 Scams Targeting Website Owners: Website Domain Renewals This post is about the latest scams targeting website owners. As if we don’t have enough to worry about, right?! Scammers are getting REALLY GOOD at making things…

phases website design process

3 Key Phases of The Website Design Process

By Nicole Hanusek | October 6, 2020

The entire website design process is equally important, from creating sitemaps and prototypes to mockups. While distinct, the overarching goal of sitemaps, prototypes, and mockups is to better explain jargon then can be done in the written word or vocally.…

best in web design 2020 by IBTimes

Smack Happy Awarded IBTimes’ Best Web Design Company Designation

By Danielle Iera | September 29, 2020

Yippee! International Business Times, a global insight and analysis e-publication serving over 55 million unique visitors, ranked Smack Happy among the best in the United States, as verified by the IBTimes editorial and data teams. Smack Happy is now recognized…

say no in business

4 Reasons to Say “No” in Business

By Diane Pauley | September 27, 2020

Contrary to popular belief, saying “yes” to every client doesn’t always help your business.  At Smack Happy Design, we know that we love to work with businesses that impact the world. So that’s who we choose to work with –…

remote business tips

3 Tips for Doing Business Digitally in Disruptive Times

By Diane Pauley | September 23, 2020

Learn how the Smack Happy team is doing business digitally and navigating the new realities of the remote world. Watch the interview here. What should businesses be thinking about right now during COVID-19? Everyone is sending tons of newsletters and…

Organize & Prioritize Your Website Marketing

Organize & Prioritize Your Website Marketing

By Nicole Hanusek | September 20, 2020

In this post, I’ll talk about some techniques for finding the time to organize and execute your website marketing plans. You’ll walk away with some actionable items to help keep you moving forward on both fronts. I’ve struggled with calendar…

add closed captions to linkedin vid

LinkedIn Hack: How to Easily Add Closed Captions to Videos

By Danielle Iera | September 16, 2020

Captioning is inclusive. True, you’re boosting SEO or grabbing the attention of the serial scroller, but what you’re really doing is including over 5% of the world’s population. You’re including viewers that may not be able to hear the video.…

The Story Behind the Name Smack Happy Lessons in Leadership

The Story Behind the Name: Smack Happy Lessons in Leadership

By Nicole Hanusek | September 13, 2020

Learn how Nicole, owner of Smack Happy Design, got started and why she loves her work, her team, and making her clients happy.   When did you start using WordPress? I started using WordPress when I started my business twelve…

Calendly Tutorial

How to Support Your Calendar – A Calendly Tutorial

By Nicole Hanusek | August 17, 2020

Let’s say you’re someone who typically schedules a lot of meetings. Your weekdays are jam-packed with team and client meetings, the list goes on and on. Whether you’re using a scheduling tool to book meetings and keep track of your…

3 Most Common Reasons for WordPress Website Crashes

3 Most Common Reasons for WordPress Website Crashes and 5 Ways to Prevent Them

By Akshat Choudhary | July 15, 2020

As an entrepreneur, chances are you’ve already designed your dream website with a great deal of thought and effort. You wouldn’t want to wake up one morning and find that it has crashed. And yet, website crashes can happen to…

wordpress website redesign

11 Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign Now

By Danielle Iera | July 8, 2020

“There is no perfect formula for success. Iterate your digital business strategy, and remember that you don’t need to fear failure, you need to fear not trying.” — David Vogelpohl, VP of Web Strategy at WP Engine 1 | Updating…

Why Your Business Needs Content and Design

Why Your Business Needs Content and Design

By Nicole Hanusek | July 7, 2020

You may already know you need a beautiful, well-functioning, responsive website. But do you know why? A website gives you the ultimate opportunity to communicate with potential customers. It’s the one-stop-shop where they get to meet you, learn about your…

redesign your website

When it’s Time to Redesign Your Website

By Danielle Iera | June 5, 2020

How to Know When to Redesign Your Website Q: How often should I have my website redesigned? We recommend small and medium businesses have their websites redesigned every 2-3 years. This allows you to stay on the cutting edge of…

getting inspired

Getting Inspired in “America 2.0”

By Danielle Iera | April 20, 2020

Every so often I experience that one thing that really lights a fire under my ass to get back to the drawing board and just let the creativity flow. Recently, I watched a webinar with a couple of teammates over…

ASL Hand Sign Language I Love You

Why I Learned American Sign Language & You Should Too [Updated!]

By Danielle Iera | April 15, 2020

I truly feel it’s important for others (especially communicators and marketers) to understand how learning and using other languages such as American Sign Language (ASL) can benefit how you communicate, with others and better your life overall. At age four,…